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Battlefield 4 to be optimized for different PC graphics cards


Battlefield 4 is being designed with the PC as a lead platform, and developer DICE revealed that they are working closely with PC hardware manufacturers to optimize Battlefield 4 for all the different hardware out there.

DICE’s Patrick Bach said in an interview that just like BF3, they are working with the likes of Nvidia and AMD to release special drivers just for Battlefield 4. When BF3 was released, both Nvidia and AMD released new driver updates with improvements specific to BF3.

The Battlefield series has always been known to push PC hardware to the limit. It’s one of the games that usually warrants a PC upgrade if players want to enjoy it at its highest settings. The recent Battlefield 4 single player demo ran on a $800 Radeon 7990 graphics card, which featured 2 GPUs and 6 GB of RAM (!)

It’s common for game developers to work with hardware manufacturers to ensure proper compatibility and performance. Expect both AMD and Nvidia to release special Battlefield 4 drivers when the game hits the stores this Fall (on October 29, according to rumors). Either way, if you want to enjoy Battlefield 4 at its best, you’ll probably have to upgrade your hardware.


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